It has been my privilege to be one of the consultants to J. Gary Mitchell for the past 35-40 years. Gary’s commitment to the prevention of child abuse (or child sexual abuse or child maltreatment) has been consistent and incredibly useful to children and their families. He has tackled serious topics such as child abduction, child sexual abuse, alcoholism and other drug abuse, in a way that young children could understand and learn. His creative efforts have resulted in educational films that can be used by parents to educate their children and by therapists to promote important and healthy messages. These films give parents a child-friendly way to raise difficult yet necessary topics.

I will have the great honor of lending my voice to one of Gary’s new animated characters called The Professor, or La Profesora! I will speak in both my first and second languages (English and Spanish) and will fulfill a life-long dream of becoming one with a cartoon character.

Dr. Eliana Gil

The videos produced by J. Gary Mitchell Film Company are excellent. In fact, they were highly recommended by the Educators at the Rape Crisis Centers. While the diocese makes the videos/DVD’s available to parishes via their media center, many parishes or deaneries have decided to purchase their own copies to use when needed. The diocese is currently using the following: WHAT TADOO, WHAT TADOO WITH SECRETS, BELIEVE ME, and TIME TO TELL.

Patty Blair, Director of Lay Ministry and Formation

At the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois we have been using the “What Tadoo” and “What Tadoo with Secrets” videos as part of our personal safety training program for students enrolled in our Catholic schools and parish religion classes for the last 3 years. We have found the videos to be very effective in communicating to the students in the appropriate age groups. The videos are professionally produced, captivating for the age group and send a clear message that can be easily understood. They are the perfect length to work into a class time and also offer follow-up dicussion questions that can be easily facilitated by the teacher. We appreciate the efforts J. Gary Mitchell puts into the work of keeping children safe.

Pat Kornfeld, Director of Human Resources

We have used Time to Tell in our Safe Environment Program here at school. We used this film as part of our school-wide program in the 5th and 6th grade levels and as part of our certification program for adults. It was well received by both groups and gave us lots to discuss after viewing. Discussion is what you want and this tape encourages just that.

Melanie Joubert

The Pike Regional Child Advocacy/Family Resource Center is very grateful that Mr. J. Gary Mitchell took the time to create videos that would be beneficial to children. Our agency work with a plethora of children who have been victims of child abuse. We use Mr. Mitchell’s videos as a tool to let children know they do not have to continue to be victims. The videos outline what should be done if you are ever placed in an uncomfortable situation. If it had not been for the videos we show in the schools, several children would still be living in fear of what to do. Thank you so very much Mr. J. Gary Mitchell for all of your hard work and creativity!!!

Temeka Arnold-Teague

I am a guidance counselor in a public school and visit the classrooms every two weeks for guidance lessons. Last year, I introduced Sooper Puppy to my first grade classes. I found that this program was a great reinforcement for our character education program.I was borrowing these vides from our county public school Guidance Resource Library. Often times when I would request a Sooper Puppy video, they would have already been checked out by another counselor. They are very popular here.

My first graders would always greet me when I entered the classroom with, ‘Do you have Sooper Puppy?’ Sometimes they were disappointed because I was unable to acquire one for the lesson. When I did have one, they were delighted. They would clap and then sit quietly, mesmerized by the antics of Sooper Puppy and his friends. When asked to summarize the story, it was clear that they understood the meaning of the video.

This year, I began my guidance lessons in September. When I walked into all four second grades, I was met with, ‘Do you have Sooper Puppy?’ I told them that I used them for Grade 1 only. They were very disappointed. So I promised them if I found any new Sooper Puppy videos that they had not seen, I would show them to them, as well as to the first graders. They cheered. Then I went online to see what I could find. I thought any guidance video that produces that kind of reaction needs to be in this building. I found that there were many that they had not seen. So I am ordering more for my school. The children love Sooper Puppy and the lessons that he teaches are essential to any guidance curriculum! Thank you for producing such entertaining and quality videos!

Eileen Rafferty-Fore, Guidance Counselor

We have watched the film (The Professor) in some counseling sessions with children and parents. It is a great way to open up communication about somewhat difficult subjects. We have the original What Tadoo DVD as well but like the updated version with the Internet safety added. Thanks for making an awesome product."

Lori Allen

The Diocese of Saint Cloud has been using What Tadoo and Time to Tell from Empower Kids for safe environment training for many years as part of student training. I have received many positive comments about the material and how well students react to the content especially with such a sensitive topic. These videos offer children words and ways to avoid uncomfortable situations and honor the importance of their feelings. I am excited to have the material updated and to continue to share such outstanding material with our Catholic schools and parishes.

Linda Kaiser, Linda Kaiser