Sneak Peek

We have on the drawing boards what can best be described as a Toolkit for working counselors.  We are envisioning (to begin with) six short, two to three minute, commercial like, videos on some of the most difficult concepts for children to ‘get’.

Some examples:

Secrecy VS Privacy

This video will explain the difference between healthy personal privacy, secrecy, the secrets of others, and keeping secrets that can hurt you or others.

How BIG is that problem?

When is a problem SO BIG that you can’t deal with it on your own?
This video will focus on a scale (1-5) that children can use to evaluate and communicate their personal issues with parents or counselors.

Name That Feeling!

This video will give parents. counselors and kid’s an “emotional vocabulary” enabling them to accurately identify and communicate feeling in themselves and others.

Be Here Now!

This video discusses the impact of important events, anxiety about the future, how those factors can diminish the importance of the present, and finally how to gain a healthy perspective.  The past or future is not more important than what’s happening in the present.

What Ideas do you have that you would like to see in the TOOLBOX?  Please send your ideas to