Words Can Hurt
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This film examines basic human emotions. Children will learn to express their feelings without hurting others.



The importance of understanding emotions, controlling hurtful anger, respecting the feelings of others, and learning to apologize are lessons taught in this program. After a series of incidents in which Baxter is called demoralizing names, he looses his confidence and begins engaging in name calling himself. Grandpaw gently helps him understand the reasons for his feelings. Baxter achieves success as he learns to have consideration for others and to appreciate his individuality.

“What is particularly refreshing is the use of appealing, believable puppets—character types familiar to children, and clever dialogue that is neither cute nor condescending, but rather humorous and sufficiently sophisticated to amuse adults. A child centered skit that offers a nice variation on the more serious, self-conscious presentations on the market that deal with self-esteem. Highly recommended.”