Whose Wuzzit?
(Preview Available)


Children will learn that it is never right to take something that isn’t theirs without first getting permission.



Baxter really wants a popular new ball that’s advertised on television; but his owner buys him a squeaky toy in the form of a baby’s pacifier and he’s crushed. When the canine bullies, Grizzle and Stoops, begin making fun of his toy, he decides to “borrow” the new ball from his friend Pickles, without her permission. Baxter learns that it’s not a good idea to borrow without permission. Youngsters learn that while shoplifting can be tempting—it is always wrong.

“This presentation successfully confronts the common problems that parents and teachers face in dealing with youthful theft today. It can be a good starting point for discussions on self-worth, honesty, and rectifying mistakes. Entertaining and well-produced, this program will be a sure hit with young viewers. Highly recommended.”