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20 minutes
Full Animation
This program is the same storyline as What Tadoo but updated with valuable information on the Internet and phone dangers.
Release Date 03/01/2016

20 minutes long

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The storyline for the Professor is very much the same as What Tadoo. Thaddeus has a big problem with a bully, gets shoved into the bushes and rips his shirt. That evening his mom discovers the torn shirt and is very upset. But the bully said “Don’t you tell anyone or you’ll be in big trouble.”

Thad falls asleep clutching his Teddy. He has a dream in which he learns important lessons about staying safe. Thad’s Teddy introduces him to “The Land of Lessons” where he meets two frogs named What and Tadoo. What and Tadoo introduce Thad to the Professor, a very distinguished OWL who then leads him through many of basic life lessons He learns the rules “Say No, Get Away and Tell Someone and sometimes you need to Yell can keep him safe.