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This film was the first in this series to be produced. It was because of the success of this program that we decided to explore other areas of basic human values.

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Put out of the house for chewing the rug, then in the doghouse again for letting two scruffy strays scatter his family’s garbage, Baxter despondently runs away from home. As he mopes out of their yard, however, he is stopped by Grandpaw, his wise patriarch, whose story about learning to say “NO” to bad things, being your own best friend, and believing you are special, motivates the young pooch to turn his life around.

“Blatantly preaching against breaking rules, drinking liquor, and smoking cigarettes, this dramatically shot show effectively barks out valuable messages on self-esteem to younger children.”

“Valuable lessons in resisting peer pressure, should prove useful in opening up discussions among younger children.”

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