Once Upon a Feeling
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In this program children will learn to identify, express, and share their feelings. They will develop an understanding that people can have a lot of different feelings all at the same time.

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Children learn why it’s important to name your feelings and to share them, the happy feelings as well as the sad and bad ones. When the new neighbor’s dog, Pickles, comes to visit at Baxter’s house, Baxter has a day full of feelings. He’s excited she’s coming, angry she’s eating out of his bowl, jealous she gets new toys, frustrated he has to take time-out in his dog house, scared cause he made his neighbor upset, and embarrassed that Pickles saw the whole thing. Grandpaw’s story and “The Petunia Song” help demonstrate that all children have difficult feelings sometimes. Even though they’re hard to understand, feelings should be accepted as part of our nature.